Three terrific ‘Times Tablers’ travelled from Headlands School to Trinity Academy in Halifax to participate in the first Times Table Rock Wrangle outside London. We were so lucky that it was close by our school as some participants had to travel from as far as Durham, Nottingham etc with some setting off at 6am!

Harvey, Lewis G and Lewis S were our chosen trio and were very excited but very nervous. There were three parts to the morning: Maths puzzles at ‘MathsStock’, having our ‘Rock’ photo taken in rock star poses and of course the Times Table challenge.

The Times Table challenge had eleven one minute challenges on tables from 2X to 12X. Our pupils did brilliantly well but we were amazed by some of the speeds achieved by other pupils. Some were able to answer 129 times table questions in just one minute – that is over 2 questions answered in less than a second (and remember they had to input their answer into the computer).

After lunch we watched the 16 fastest pupils compete in the quarter finals, then the 8 fastest in the semi-final until we came to the final 4. The final 4 had to compete for 3 minutes completing multiplication and division questions. It was very nerve wracking watching so I don’t know how it must have felt actually being in the final.

The winning pupil managed to answer 369 questions accurately in just 3 minutes; the second place pupil was just one point behind with a brilliant score of 368.

The winner and his team won a super ride in a helicopter and certainly deserved it.

We were really pleased that all our pupils managed to score in the top half of the table. Well done boys – you made everyone at Headlands proud.