The Thriving Kirklees 0–19 team is part of Locala Community Partnerships and is available to all school aged children in Kirklees. As part of the school health entrant screening your child’s vision will be screened in school by a member of the team.

A child in their best state of health is much more likely to fulfill their full potential, thrive and be happy. We would like to give you the opportunity to visit our website to complete a self-assessment which asks you about your child’s health and development.

The website also provides you with information around key health and development topics and highlights which health checks your child should have had. Should you identify any concerns or require any further support you can also refer to the 0-19 team for individual support.

As part of the process your child’s teacher will also be asked if there are any health concerns about your child.

Should any health concerns be raised by you, your school, or the 0-19 Team, we will contact you to discuss them further. The results from your child’s health screening will be sent to you and may be shared with your child’s school. (This will only consist of any actions required such as if we need to visit school to check again or if school can help your child such as sitting nearer the front if hearing/vision problems detected.) Information from your child’s screening will be stored as part of your child’s electronic health record.