The YV Muisc Room is ready for you to practice all the songs. You will need the code to get in so please ask your teacher. Just click the link below.

Think choir is boring?! Then we have a special surprise for you! Your teacher has signed you up to take part in Young Voices. That means you and your friends will be singing with over 5,000-8,000 other children!

Being a member of one of the largest choirs in the world means that you get to practice with some of the best professional musicians in the world and get to learn some amazing tricks and skills from our world-famous Conductor and Musical Director. You’ll also be able to boogie alongside our amazing Creative Director, who will teach you all your dance moves. The worlds’ best lighting and sound technicians will be making you look like a star.

Your teachers will have to work extra hard to help you learn your songs and dance moves, so please make sure you give them all the support you can by visiting the YV Music Room – where we’ve put some fun resources for you to use at home. Such as:

Lyric videos – challenge your friends to see who knows the lyrics the best
Spotify links – listen on the go or right at home, anywhere there is wifi
Special extras – be sure to check in daily to see if there is a message from someone cool!

Keep practicing and we’ll see you at the concert!!

Enter the Music Room