If parents are concerned about their own mental health or any other adult then the advice is to contact their GP or the Single Point of Access on 01924-316830 – they will assess need and refer to the appropriate Secondary Services.
If you are concerned for someone’s immediate safety ring 999.

People are encouraged to use self-help strategies – these guides can be printed and shared

It is important to acknowledge and accept that an increase in feelings of anxiety and worry are completely normal and usual in these circumstances.
Here are a few things to remember and hopefully to help:

  • Try and keep to a routine – try and use your day as you would if you were at a typical day – stick to times for getting up, eating and going to bed.
  • Add some structure to your day – have time for work and play – stick to meal times, bed time
  • Get some exercise – indoors or out.
  • Have the odd ‘lazy day’
  • It is likely sleep will be impacted – try and keep to good sleep hygiene – no screens before bed, no caffeine in the evenings.
  • Talk to each other about how you are feeling – keep it age appropriate but recognise everyone will be anxious in their own way.
  • Try not to increase alcohol consumption
  • Keep in contact with family & friends
  • Try to eat properly – plan meals, cook as a family.
  • Find time for yourself – we are not used to constant close proximity living!
  • There are lots of resources on the internet for activities to do as families.

For those who feel they need more there are a number of places to go to get additional self-help:

  • There are lots of Apps which can help with Mindfulness to assist with anxiety – HeadSpace and Calm being just 2, they have sections for children – there are also a number created just for children/teenagers which can help with relaxation and sleep.
  • Moodfit – helps you track and manage your moods. MoodMission – helps you develop coping skills. Happify – provides activities and games to reduce stress and build resilience – PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE JUST A FEW AND ARE NOT ENDORSED BY THE COUNCIL OR NHS – THERE ARE MANY MORE AND PEOPLE NEED TO FIND THE ONE THAT WORKS FOR THEM.
  • MIND and YOUNG MINDS are great resources for understanding and working through difficult emotional states

The following helplines can also provide information/guidance/support: