Eleven schools in the Spenborough area have come together as the Spenborough Community Hub to explore how we can collectively build stronger, supportive communities. The Hub works in new ways with our children’s families and other organisations to make the most of all our knowledge, skills and resources to improve our physical, social and emotional wellbeing and create a welcoming, learning environment within the community. This questionnaire is being used to understand the issues locally, to understand the strengths we have and to build on the process of working out solutions together. We will feedback the findings to you and there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved further in the future. The Hub works with partners from the local authority, health professionals and third sector/voluntary organisations. We want to support our community so that our children can learn effectively and reach their full potential in our schools.


We want to know what you want, what challenges you face and how we can work together for the good of the local community. By completing the questionnaire below, you will be helping us to focus on the areas that really matter to you.