It has recently come to our attention that some apps (accessible by children) have some potential risks and we felt it was our duty to keep you informed. and

This 12+ rated app allows people to create and share fifteen second clips for example lip-sync music videos and to communicate with others online.

Concerns have been raised about children being asked to send pictures of themselves to anonymous users and there have been issue with adults posting inappropriate images within the chat. There are currently ongoing police investigations into this app in the UK and whilst the app developers are taking action to remove inappropriate content they are asking for support in reporting any issues.

It is worth noting that the app has settings which can be changed to private and approve ‘followers’.


Roblox is a gaming website which links to free games and is very popular with many children. It does however have a friends and chat section. There have been recent reports of ‘grooming’ taking place within this portal.

The game does allow some age appropriate settings however children must log in as their real age in order to eliminate some of the potential issues.

Other information

Please also be aware that most online accounts have a minimum age of thirteen including Snapchat, Pinterest, Google accounts, Youtube (with parental agreement), Twitter and Facebook. We will provide an update on this on a future letter.
Whilst appreciating that it is not always possible to monitor all electronic device usage we wished to draw your attention to the above and to ask that inappropriate content be flagged up to the game administrators and if necessary the police. We would also appreciate parents keeping school informed of any issues.