We are delighted that our pupil numbers have continued to increase over the last couple of years. However, as we are sure you will understand, it has now become more difficult to serve dinners to all of the pupils in the allotted time. In order to address this, from Monday 11th September, the kitchen staff will start to serve lunch to pupils in Reception from 11.45am. The children in Reception will then resume their afternoon lessons at the slightly earlier time of 1pm. We will start serving lunch to pupils in KS1 from 12.00pm and from 12.15pm for pupils in KS2. Please be aware that serving times for pupils in KS2 are on a rota which changes daily to ensure that one particular year group does not always have to wait last for lunch. Afternoon lessons for pupils in KS2 resume at 1.15pm. Mrs Gavin, who works in our school office, is hoping to display some more detailed lunch menus around school and will share them with you all very soon. When these become available, it would also be extremely helpful if you could display these somewhere at home where your child can see them and have opportunities to discuss their lunch options with you. We have noticed that when this happens, it dramatically reduces the lunch queue as children do not need to spend a long time deciding what they might like. Instead, they have longer to enjoy their lunch and eat at a more leisurely pace.