As you will be aware, it is important to make sure that your child’s asthma is well-managed throughout the year by taking their medication as prescribed, monitoring symptoms and following their individual asthma plan.

It has been noted that hospital A&E attendances for asthma peak each September. This increase in asthma symptoms may be due to the fact that some children experience fewer symptoms during the summer holidays, and therefore do not take their asthma medication regularly. Therefore, before the school summer holidays start we would like to take this opportunity to remind parents/Guardians of the key things which will help children to manage their asthma:

  • Your child should take their preventer medication as prescribed, even when they are feeling well;
  • Make sure that your child has easy access to their own normal relieving medication at all times, especially when they take part in physical activity.
  • If your child is considered able to carry their own reliever inhaler, remind them to make sure that they have it with them it at all times.

If your child has not had a recent GP asthma review, or does not have an asthma management plan, please make an appointment at your GP surgery for an asthma review. It is important that your child has an asthma review every 6-12 months and continues to use their preventer inhalers all year round.

Further useful information and resources about asthma can be found on the Asthma UK website:

We hope this helps your child to manage their asthma and avoid possible asthma attacks throughout the year.