We do hope you and your family are staying safe and well.

The first half-term of the school year has, of course, been a difficult one for schools around the
country. Before pupils returned in September, a wide range of measures were brought in to keep
school sites as safe as possible. After pupils returned, our children, staff and families all had to
work together in getting used to a ‘new normal’. We would like to thank you for your continued
support in working so positively with your school.

We are pleased to say that, across Kirklees, the return to school has been positive. It’s true to say
that a number of schools have had to close bubbles and you may well have experienced this
within your own family. However, Kirklees has been no different to most places in the UK. Given
the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was always clear that some pupils would at some point
need to self-isolate. Our schools have managed these cases calmly and effectively, providing
different ways of learning for the affected children.

If your child does need to self-isolate but is not ill, it’s very important that they join in with their
school’s remote learning. This will mean they don’t miss out on opportunities and will still be part
of their school community. Kirklees schools continue doing a wonderful job in supporting their
pupils and families, and we thank them for everything they do. At the same time, we thank you as
a parent/carer for supporting your school and helping attendance levels to be good.
When a school has to manage a Covid-19 case, it follows national guidance and acts on the
advice of Public Health experts. This is a process which must be followed by all schools. The
national guidance changes from time to time, but schools are kept fully up to date and they adapt
as needed.

Social distancing is key to avoiding the spread of infection, and this applies to school sites when
you are dropping off or collecting your child. You can also help to keep children, staff and each
other safe by wearing a face covering around a school site, just as you would at a supermarket.
You will also be aware that Kirklees as a whole is subject to Covid-19 restrictions. You can find all
the details by visiting https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/health-and-well-being/covid19-

We continue to work with our schools and provide all the help they need in supporting pupils and
families. We all share the goal of providing the best possible standards of care and education for
our children and young people.

Our schools will look forward to seeing you back after the half term break