We have been working with the Local Authority (the LA) on a proposal about a change to our school.

The LA publish a report: To decommission specialist provision at Headlands CE(VC) JI&N School and deliver the service in a different way – Consultation Outcome report.

We can now bring you a further update. A meeting of the Kirklees Cabinet (the council’s main decision making body) took place yesterday and it was agreed to proceed to the next stage of the statutory process which is a 4 week representation period, this is a further opportunity for you to comment on the following proposals:

  • To publish statutory notices to decommission 6 transitional places at Headlands CE(VC) JI&N School for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The representation period is the next step in the process and will begin on 23 November 2019 -20 December 2019. Full details of the proposals will be on the LA website at www.kirklees.gov.uk/schoolorganisation. It is important to remind you that no final decisions have been made about the possible changes.

We will keep you fully updated at each stage of the process.

We are not currently admitting children into the Specialist Provision.