We know that not having the familiar routine of coming to school each day unsettled many of the children at Headlands during the first school closure period in Spring/Summer 2020. When they returned to school in September, many of the children told us how much they had missed seeing their friends and teachers every day. We were so incredibly proud of all of them and the resilience that so many of them demonstrated during that period of time. We know that you were enormously proud of them too and we absolutely loved receiving photos from you for our ‘Lockdown Legends’ displays in school.

We were thrilled to welcome all of the children back to school in September and it was lovely to have some sense of normality back in school again during the Autumn Term. Unfortunately, over the last few weeks we have once again had to adapt to a new normal. This has been challenging for the whole of our school community; staff, parents and pupils alike. School has remained open to a high number of pupils, including pupils of many critical worker parents and we are still in awe of how well those pupils have adapted to the new routines and systems that we have had to put in place in school over the last few weeks. As mentioned in one of our previous letters (dated 18 January), we are also immensely proud of all of those children who have had to remain at home but have engaged so well with the remote learning for their year group. So many children are working incredibly hard at home to access the online lessons and submit work via Microsoft Teams or the Evidence Me APP for their teachers to mark; they are ‘HOME LEARNING HEROES!’

We would love to see photographs of what your ‘HOME LEARNING HEROES’ have achieved during the weeks that they have not been in school. You might send us a photograph of them hard at work in front of their computer or in the process of completing the work that their teacher has set. You might send us a photo of them holding up a piece of work that they have completed at home that they are particularly proud of. Our aim is to once again upload some of the photographs to our school website and to also use some of the photographs to create some ‘HOME LEARNING HEROES’ displays around school so that the children and staff can admire them further and celebrate their hard work upon their return to school.

If you would like the opportunity for your child’s photograph to be uploaded to our school website and displayed on a board in school, please send us a photograph of them to the following email address by Friday 26 February 2021;


We can’t wait to hear from you – stay safe and keep smiling!