As entertainment technology offers children more ways to connect, it is important parents understand the risks and how to safely get the most out of these devices in the home.

Before even starting or choosing between the different games consoles therefore, it is important to know what kind-of connected interactions and services are available on them.

If you understand what each console is capable of, and how to limit a child’s access, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the new console is being used responsibly

Beyond the interactive gaming experiences, apps and services are available on each of the main consoles, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. They enable users to stream video and audio from a wide range of providers and share voice, video and recorded gameplay content.

This can range from spoken communication with other players in a game to sharing images on social networks. They can also access video content via video streaming apps, such as Now TV, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Video.

Which of these features parents are comfortable with for their children will vary from family to family. Therefore, it’s important that parents spend time with the console when it first enters the home – before the kids are let loose on it – to set-up accounts and access for each family member.

We have put together some parental guides with information from the official support websites to help you on your way.