We are writing to you to share further information regarding the closure of the Year Three Bubble. We have been informed today, Tuesday 15th December 2020, that a member of the Year Three Bubble has received a positive COVID 19 test result. Therefore, following Local Authority advice from the Infection Control Team, each staff and child member of the Year Three Bubble must self-isolate from today. Their last day of isolation will be Sunday 20th December. They will be able to come out of isolation on Monday 21st December. This means that all staff and children in the Year Three Bubble should not leave their house or garden until the isolation period ends. Siblings of the Year 3 pupils can continue to attend school but Year 3 pupils must not accompany parents to school to drop off their younger or older siblings. You do not need to arrange a test for your own child or any other member of your household unless they begin to display symptoms within the isolation period. During the isolation period, if your child or anyone in your household develops symptoms and tests positive for Coronavirus, please inform school immediately.

Our aim will be to provide learning opportunities and support that reflects our learning in the classroom. We also recognise that a bubble closure could present difficulties for many families. However, it is vital that all children continue with their learning using the tasks that we have provided for their personal development. We understand that home learning is not ideal and we appreciate your support. Later today, once they have arrived safely home, the Year 3 teachers will upload some tasks to Microsoft Teams for the pupils to complete this afternoon. They will also aim to upload a pre-recorded video message to pupils. Within this message, they will provide pupils with details of timings for live teaching sessions. Live lessons will begin tomorrow (Wednesday 16th December). We anticipate that a live English lesson will take place at 10.15am each day followed by a live Maths lesson at 1:00pm each day. We have chosen these times in order to avoid clashing with Year 6 live lessons just in case there are any siblings sharing electronic devices. There will be additional uploaded tasks/quizzes for the children to complete at other times during the day. For example, before and after their live sessions. As your child is in KS2, you are entitled to some support regarding IT devices. If your child does not have access to an electronic device such as a laptop or desktop computer we may be able to request a loan device for them (although we have been informed by Kirklees this week that the demand for these has risen and they are now in short supply). We will be sending a text home to all Year 3 parents today about electronic devices. Please respond promptly to this text if you require us to request a loan device for your child. Please note, that all loan devices must be returned to school by pupils on Tuesday 5th January.

Before your child begins to engage in any remote learning via Microsoft Teams, please remind them of the pupil protocols for remote learning. We sent these home to all parents recently along with a user guide for Microsoft Teams. Copies of these two documents can also be found in the ‘School News’ section on our website.

In addition to the tasks set on Microsoft Teams, children could continue to read their school library books and practice mathematical skills using sites such as TTRockstars and MyMaths. Miss Cray and Miss Patel hope to see you all soon. They hope that all children keep working hard and most importantly, keep smiling!

If you or your child have any questions about the work set, you can post these questions within the chat function on Microsoft Teams. The Year Three teachers can be contacted during school hours via the email address listed below;


If your child is usually eligible for FSM, we will complete an automatic referral on your behalf. You will then be contacted by the Kirklees Local Welfare team. We send our best wishes to all families associated with our school in the hope that you stay safe and healthy in the weeks to come.