Dear Parents/Carers,

We are writing to you to share further information regarding the closure of the Year Two Bubble. As of today, Tuesday 13th October 2020 a child in the Year Two Bubble received a positive COVID 19 test result. Therefore, following Local Authority advice from the Infection Control Team, each staff and child member of the Year Two Bubble must self-isolate from today and will be permitted to return to school on Wednesday 21st October. You may be wondering why the self-isolation period isn’t a full 14 days. We are unable to disclose personal details regarding individual pupils but Infection Control base their decision about the length of the isolation period upon a number of factors including the date that symptoms first began and the date the test was taken. Please be aware that in some cases, results are taking a number of days to be returned.

This means that all staff and children in the Year Two Bubble should not leave their house or garden until Wednesday 21st October. Other family members do not need to isolate at this point and any siblings of Year Two pupils can continue to attend school. You do not need to arrange a test for your child unless they begin to display symptoms. During the isolation period, if your child develops symptoms and tests positive for Coronavirus, please inform school immediately.

Due to current circumstances Year Two Parents evening will be postponed. We will let you know when this has been re-arranged.

Our aim will be to provide learning opportunities and support that reflects our learning in the classroom. We also recognise that a bubble closure could present difficulties for many families. However, it is vital that all children continue with their learning using the tasks that we have provided for their personal development. We understand that home learning is not ideal and we appreciate your support. We will be providing tasks for the next week and recommend that you and your child work through these at your own pace, when able. Staff have set home learning tasks for the pupils to complete via the following website and most pupils will have been provided with a work book today to complete these in.

We are currently in the process of uploading the content that you will require and will aim to complete the upload within the next 24 hours.

Miss Davis, Mrs Smith and Mrs Burns will add a letter to the home learning site explaining your child’s daily learning activities while the bubble is closed. This will include an English task, Maths task, Topic task and Spelling task each day. In addition to this, please continue to read your child’s school book with them as well as any books you have at home. There will be separate activities for Maths sets so please check with your child to see if they need to complete work for the ‘Crunching Crocodiles’ or the ‘Busy Bees’.
Miss Davis, Mrs Smith and Mrs Burns hope to see you all soon. They hope that all children keep working hard and most importantly, keep smiling!

If you or your child have any questions about the work set or would like some feedback, the Year Two teachers can be contacted during school hours via the email address listed below;

We send our best wishes to all families associated with our school in the hope that you stay safe and healthy in the weeks to come.