Each half term we focus on a particular Christian Value and the children take part in activities and listen to stories based around the value in Collective Worship time. The list below outlines the values that will be covered this school year.

Autumn 1 – Responsibility, new responsibilities for the new school year
Autumn 2 – Generosity, Christmas as a time for giving
Spring 1 – Creativity, a new year, new inspirations
Spring 2 – Service, links to Easter and Jesus as a ‘servant King’
Summer 1 – Peace
Summer 2 – Wisdom, what have we learnt this year?

At the beginning of each half term your child will be sent home with an activity sheet based around the current value. The activity sheets include stories and puzzles you can share as a family. There is also a value challenge that children are encouraged to complete at home and then bring into school. The best challenge entries will receive a prize and certificate at the end of each half term.