The Sun newspaper has teamed up with Collins Big Cat to give primary schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland FREE BOOKS!

We’ve been offered the opportunity to claim a pack of free books for school worth more than £600. As we are sure you are aware, it is so important to instil a love of reading from the earliest possible age. Access to books can make a huge difference to children’s lives. Regular opportunities to read have been proven to increase empathy in children, help relationships, mental wellbeing and raise academic achievement.

We have registered Headlands School for this promotion and now need you to help us collect 3500 tokens from The Sun newspaper between 23 November 2019 and 18 January 2020. Please spread the word and encourage family members and friends to get involved too – 3500 is a huge amount and we need all the help we can get!

All you have to do is cut the tokens out of the newspaper and send them into school with your child. Our office staff will count them regularly and we’ll keep you updated with the progress we are making towards our target. Huge thanks in advance for your support with this worthwhile campaign!

As you know, in KS2, we work hard to try to ensure that there are texts that appeal to pupils of all abilities across a wide range of genres. We have over 200 pupils accessing the KS2 library on a regular basis and as you can imagine, over time, some of the books become a little tired and tatty. As I’m sure you can appreciate, our budget will only allow us to replenish a limited number of books each year, even when supplemented by the commission we receive from our book fairs. This is where we are hoping you can continue to help. Does your child have any good quality books at home that they have finished reading? There are thousands of books on the KS2 Accelerated Reading scheme and it might be that some of the unwanted books on your shelves at home would slot perfectly into and enhance our school libraries.

You and your child can easily check if a book is part of the Accelerated Reading scheme by accessing the following website; Alternatively, if you don’t have time to check, just send the books in and we’ll do it for you.

We have been overwhelmed by the support you have given school with this in the past. Last year, families sent in over 400 books to help us replenish our shelves and we’ve already received a few more books this term! We would be immensely appreciative to receive any further donations of good quality reading books and thank you in advance for taking the time to help your child to check their book shelves and bedrooms. Please send any donations into school with your child so that they can be handed to class teachers.