Government departments have provided every Primary School with funding to develop PE, Sport and Health. In our school sporting provision takes high priority – we encourage all pupils to appreciate the benefits of being active and healthy.PE lessons are aimed at teaching pupils the fundamentals skills of movement, progressing to specific sports based skills and the ethics of teamwork.

We strive to provide all pupils with opportunities to compete in sporting events, both in school and beyond. With accreditation for the School Games Bronze Mark, we have also been represented in cross-country, athletics competitions and disability events. Older pupils are encouraged to take on the role of Sport Ambassadors and play leaders which enables them to develop leadership skills and be role models for the younger members of the school community.

Sports Premium Action Plan

By Working Together We Aim

A range of extra-curricular clubs run at different times of the year and these have included football, gymnastics, rugby, dance, yoga and cycling. We also run weekly Golden Time sessions which gives the children an additional opportunity to take part in both sporting and outdoor adventure activities.