Headlands School supports an inclusion policy of offering mainstream school opportunities to all children in the community if it is possible to meet their needs.

We have a designated co-ordinator in school (Mrs Cowling) and if specific concerns are observed, teachers and teaching assistants liaise with the co-ordinator and an individual or group education plan will be developed with parent/carers closely involved. Liaison with external support agencies such as psychologists and Behaviour and Learning Support Services may be also involved.

Communication between school and parent/carers is vital and by early discussion and intervention and with this it is hoped that appropriate and effective progress will be achieved.

The physical environment supports children with special educational needs and disabilities providing quiet resource areas for individual and group work, as appropriate. The layout of the building is at ground floor level, providing access for any child who is physically challenged. The school reviews accessibility and provision for all children including those with additional needs on a regular basis.

Curriculum planning in school is carefully matched to the needs of both individuals and groups of children, including children who are gifted and talented and those who have special educational needs and disabilities.

Local Offer

You may have heard about the ‘local offer’ within the special educational needs reforms and the new Children and Families Act 2014. The local offer is a response from the government to address the desire of parents and carers to find out all about the services, opportunities and access for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The local offer explains all the multi-agency services offered by the Kirklees Local Authority and Headlands School. Its key purpose is to make provision more responsive to the needs and aspirations of children and their families.

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